The Woodstock Festival
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    (1968). . .  The original Woodstock Music Festival of Peace and Love was coming up, and my brother Tom got two tickets. He wanted me to drive us there, but I was hesitant. He finally convinced me, and the weekend was a pivotal point in my life.

     “It’s a new day, . . . .  It’s a new day,

and I’m feelin’ . . . . . .!!!”

     So went the lyrics from the band, Traffic, at the Woodstock Music Festival, during the summer of ’68. Those were high times, but also there were low ones. For me, as well as for many others, these were times of big changes in our world views.

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     It was my seventh year of college. I was pursuing a PhD in microbiology, following the dream I had since high school.

Then I experienced Woodstock, radical politics, communes, alternative schools and inner travels. I was experimenting with psychedelics, which superseded my laboratory experiments with bacteria.

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